5 Weight Lifting Tips For Bigger Muscles


Are you working out for a while, but your muscles are not growing or are you just curious about additional tips to improve your workout and results even more? Nutrition is of course very important to build muscle and get bigger, but in this article we look at how you can train to stimulate muscle growth. Here are 5 workout tips for bigger muscles:

1. Warming up the muscles – Warm up muscles properly to prevent injuries. Start with light weight to warm up before you go heavy. With injuries you can not train for a while and that means you get out of shape and need even more time to reach your goal.

2. Go Heavy – Less reps, more weight. Choose weights that you can do a maximum of 10 repetitions. The repetitions must be difficult to finish, but make sure you train always with safety. Heavy training is essential for more muscle mass.

3. Variation in exercises – Do more exercises for a muscle group and not always in the same order. Variation creates more flexible muscles and will stimulate muscle growth. Challenge the muscles by training with variety, but do not mix muscle groups in the same day. For example, if it’s chest day, you need to have variation in chest exercises.

4. Use loose weights – Devices and machines are good at isolating muscle groups. Free weights provide an all-round effect and they put multiple muscles to work, which is good for maximum muscle mass and strength.

5. Execution is more important than weight – Make sure you perform the exercise correctly and that you feel the tension in the right places. It is more effective to exercise with light weight en perfect execution than heavy weight and doing the exercise wrong. Focus first on a perfect execution and build from there more and more weight to build muscle mass.

Source:  http://fitness4strength.com/muscles-strength/5-weight-lifting-tips-for-bigger-muscles/



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Create passion for working out!


Make it fun for yourself to work out. Some people have passion and enjoy working out, others need to make it more fun to improve their performance and results. By making it fun for yourself, you immediately make it much easier to reach your goal.

People who love what they do and have passion for it, are winning almost always from people who do it just because it needs to be done. This applies not only to sports, but for everything. Just look at successful entrepreneurs, people who have become self-made millionaires, they always have something that drives them. One has a passion and love for what he or she does and does not feel all the effort he or she gives it, the other has a lot of motivation and a good reason to succeed in his or her goal. They give more than others, do more and so they win it from the competition.


My first times went also difficult. One week I was motivated and went to the gym four times, the week after that not even one time. I was not consistent and therefore I did not see any real results. It started to run well when I made a goal and started working to achieve that goal. I decided to gain in the next six months six pounds of pure muscle mass. I trained three times a week and often four or five times. I have achieved my goal and now made ​​a new target. I also convinced a friend to work out and believe in a nice body, so now we always train together and it is going well.

By being enthusiastic about achieving a goal or having fun going to the gym, you will become consistent and achieving your goal becomes easy. Here are some things you can do to make your workout more fun and stay motivated:

1. Set a goal and look forward to achieving this

2. Work out with a friend

3. Take your favorite music with you to the gym

4. Make a list of the benefits of a beautiful body

5. Use training as an outlet for stress

6. Keep a calendar of how often you go every week

7. Watch videos that will motivate you when you are unmotivated

8. Make exercise a must in the things you need to do each week

9. Promise yourself a gift when you reach your goal

10. Follow people who inspire you and set an example for you

11. Know that working out is strengthening your health

12. Inspire others in your community by reaching your goal

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